Haggerstone Island Resort

An all inclusive boutique resort on the Great Barrier Reef

Across Platinum makes you live the Great Barrier Reef experience like no other with this exclusive rustic luxury lodge.  Haggerstone Island Resort with each lodge individually designed along Haggerstone island foreshore, the stay is focused on calm and luxury.

Enjoy the pristine beachfront and sea view. Appreciate unparalleled fishing, spearfishing and a bunch of other activities, like snorkelling or bird watching. With views overlooking the big lagoon and Coral Sea, you will never want to leave this paradise island !

Rest right in paradise, and enjoy their amazing cuisine cooked with pride and uniqueness. From Breakfast to dinner you will discover local food revisited by great chefs.

Across Platinum can organise fancy ways to get there either by private charter or private flights,and would love to take care of every single wish you might have during the organisation and the duration of your luxury journey.

Haggerstone Island Resort
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