Palazzo Versace

Luxury, glamour and sophistication on the Gold Coast

Palazzo Versace invites you to enjoy luxury accommodation on the Gold Coast with 5-star bedrooms and suites in the timeless Versace style.

Savour dining experiences prepared by award-winning chefs, as well as excellent service. Exclusive waterfront settings, spectacular architecture, opulent accommodation. Amazing Versace design and Italian craftsmanship. This glamorous resort has everything you would expect from luxury standards.

The sub-tropical climate of the Gold Coast and this amazing 5-star property which includes a private marina, the Versace boutique and of course a fabulous spa centre will always give you  something to do with the Beautiful Pacific Ocean as a backdrop.

Palazzo Versace view of the luxurious swimming pool
Palazzo Versace Suites
Palazzo Versace Hotel

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Lords Safaris view of the sunset