Wilderness Safaris

An amazing profusion of wildlife with Across's Wildnerness Safaris

Take part in our Wildnerness Safaris for the discovery of an amazing diversity and profusion of wildlife, rarely seen elsewhere in Australia.

The region of South Australia is a wildly beautiful outback country, boasting with contrasting colours of red sands and rocky gorges, blue skies, and the glistening white of the massive Lake Gairdner.

This is also, one of the few places where three large species of macropod marsupials can be seen together. In spring, Emus are common, 140 species of birds inhabit the area, and wildflowers bloom beautifully. Wild koalas at Mikkira Station, sea lions and dolphins at Baird Bay, almost all Australian’s wildlife is covered by ACROSS Platinum’s Wilderness Safaris.

Wildnerness Safaris Wildlife and kangaroos
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Wildnerness Safaris Rooms and suites

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