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Our Travel Designers will help you to find the most suitable and exclusive travel, just for you. They manage to come up with the finest products and the most effective itineraries. Remote accommodations, breathtaking sceneries, authentic tours… Contact and start a trip like no other !


Our Travel Designer


Maryne, Australia & New Zealand Specialist


Stefanija, New Zealand Specialist


Katya, Oceania Islands Specialist


telephone(+33 9) 77 19 53 65

Our travel designer specialists have a tourism marketing background and an extensive experience of more than 15 years in Australia, New-Zealand and Oceania Islands.

As a true lover, they know these destinations like the back of one’s hand. With their french know-how and style, they arranges unique travels in the true key luxury standards.

they plan your trip day by day, according to your wishes and preferences, making the most of all the stunning products you see on Across Platinum website. So feel free to contact them by mail, phone or completing the contact form on the right, and start your exclusive travel experience right now!

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